The Swedish customer Aröds Mekaniska Verkstad AB, a company specialized in the production of mechanical parts, in particular gears, has requested a very flexible slotting machine, suitable for creating long keys that can be programmed independently. They were looking for a machine with a powerful and customizable software for future developments and projects. They already had a CABE machine with non-Fanuc control, so they knew our professionalism.


We proposed the ST4-410 slotting machine with FANUC control, easy to use and with great programming flexibility. Thanks to the interpolation of two or even three axes, the machine is able to make conical, helical or blind slots for the drain hole. Programming in ISO language the operator can independently realize any type of processing.


Thanks to the machine’s working flexibility, today the customer is able to make all the keys he needs with great precision. Future developments will be possible thanks to the customization of the software.

  • Slotting Machine Cabe ST4-410 realized for Sweden
  • Slotting Machine Cabe ST4-410 realized for Sweden

We were looking for a slotting machine where we could produce long details as well as being flexible and found CABE. In addition, the machine had a working area that suited us. The choice was simple, no other manufacturer had a similar machine.

Stefan Kvist,
Aröds Mekaniska Verkstad AB