A rich and varied range of products that meets the needs of clients from all over the world. From the manual vertical slotting machines to the most innovative electronic control solutions with up to 5 axes.

The machines are unique because of the construction in cast iron fusion that ensures cutting precision and no vibrations, normally the weak point of the machines built in welded steel.

To improve the quality and the performance of the machines, studies and projects, Cabe are continually looking for innovative solutions and materials. The programming of the slotting machines and the user interface have reached maximum levels in the recent ST CNC with up to 5 controlled axes: the set-up of the machines is

Helical slots Slotting Machine

very fast, the cutting speed is constant, and complex machining processes are allowed, such as conical, blind and helical slots.


From the manual vertical slotting machines to the most innovative electronic control solutions with up to 5 axes. The CNC machines are divided into 2 lines: 
ST CNC from 2 – 5 controlled axes and with the axis moving the head controlled by brushless motors, TTF CNC from 1 – 3 controlled axes with the traditional rod-crank system for the movement of the head.


The adjustable ramholder makes it possible to have a steady cut in each height. The free programmable controller will let you cut each shape and control the movement of the machine.

Collin Van Diem, Machinefabriek Krimpen

We were looking for a slotting machine where we could produce long details as well as being flexible and found CABE.

Stefan Kvist, Aröds Mekaniska Verkstad AB

The technology developed and proposed by the machine inspired us with confidence. We are fully satisfied with the features we expected.

Juan Manuel Perez, Urumea Mecanizados


Each Cabe machine is characterized by a wide range of accessories, including hand tools for slotting machines studied by Cabe and fixing and replacement systems on their machines.

The technical team studies the types of processes necessary for the client and provides the most suitable custom tools for the material or the cutting speed required.

The new line of tools for the slotting machine is characterized by an advanced internal refrigerant cooling system that helps the chip leakage during machining.

Slotting Tools for Cabe Machines


  • Blind slots without discharge hole.

  • Helical slot.
  • Conical slot
  • Trapezoidal
  • Maag cutting method.
  • Hexagons.


Slotting machine with Fanuc control


The CNC slotting machines are equipped with Fanuc controls and motors. Our software department develops in collaboration with Fanuc solutions that permit the programming and perfect realization also of very complex slots.

Toolholder for slotting machines.


On the ST CNC versions, the traditional rod-crank system for moving the tool has been replaced by a servo-controlled linear axis which guarantees a constant cutting speed, optimizing tool life. A breakthrough technology to reach superior performances.

Cutting Axis on slotting Machine


The axes controlled by brushless motors guarantee quick set-up of the machine, constant cutting rate thanks to the elimination of the traditional rod-crank system for the movement of the head, processes so far impossible to realize. Thanks to the interpolation of the axes, it is not necessary to incline the head to realize conical slots.