Customized machines

Thanks to the technical design department we can guarantee support that is personalized and characterized by a high level of technical proficiency in all phases of design and construction. Many years of experience and the high levels of preparation of our team of engineers is always available to find the right solution to your needs, to design and build customized products.


Increasingly special machines capable of particular processing are requested.

Our technical department start from an indepth study and detailed analysis of the characteristics of the piece to be processed considering dimensional and geometrical tolerances, material, chemical and physical properties and workability.

Our experience in this sector enables us to precisely evaluate how the piece will behave during cutting, and hence guide the client in selecting the right machine.

Slotting machine with automatic clamping system


Department dedicated to the customization of the software.


The department exclusively dedicated to the development of the software, programs the control system based on the type of machine and its use.

In this way every single machine is constructed with a control system developed ad hoc in collaboration with Fanuc that supplies the hardware and the motors of the CNC machines.