BR1 Group has specialized departments for mechanical processing, sheet metal working, machine assembly and technical offices.

Thanks to the production capacity and experience of each department, it is possible for us to produce internally nearly all the parts, that compose our machines. We furthermore develop the software and electrical plant.

The internal production of nearly all the pieces that compose the machines allows us to optimize time and costs of every single product. It furthermore guarantees a complete control both during the production phases: from the projection and the processing of the single pieces to the assembly and final installation and tests.

In our establishments we have machines to perform mechanical processing such as CNC lathes, lathes, milling, metal bending, laser cutting and grinding machines.

The department dedicated to the projecting and production of the slotting tools is composed of a production unit with vanguard grinding machines and a technical office, managed by engineers with years of experience.

L’esperienza pluriennale e l’alta preparazione del nostro team di ingegneri è sempre a disposizione per progettare macchine Cabe su misura.


Thanks to the technical design office we can guarantee personalized support, characterised by a high level of technical proficiency, in all phases of design and construction. Our team of engineers, with many years of experience and a high level of preparation, is always ready to find the right solution to satisfy every request, to design and build customized products.


The department exclusively dedicated to the development of the software, programs the control system based on the type of machine and its use.

In this way every single machine is constructed with a control system developed ad hoc in collaboration with Fanuc that supplies the hardware and the motors of the CNC machines.

For the CNC machines a dedicated software department develop the control.
La vera forza di BR1 Group è l’alta specializzazione nell’assemblaggio di macchine.


The real strength of our group is the advanced specialization in the assembly of groups and complex machines.

The highly equipped department is composed of an important number of specialized workers, all with years of experience in the assembly and construction of groups and complete machines.


With over 40 work centers BR1 Groups realizes mechanical processing such as milling, turning and grinding

Thanks to the technologically advanced work centers and the expertise of our team of professionals it is possible for us to guarantee a high level of quality and flexibility in the processing of small and medium large groups.

The department dedicated to the projecting and production of the tools is composed of a production unit with vanguard grinding machines.

BR1 Group has more than 40 work stations.
Sheet metalworking and welding department.


To guarantee a complete service and speed up the internal processes we have integrated in our construction of machine tools and mechanical processing a department exclusively dedicated to the sheet metalworking with metal cutting and bending machines. We furthermore have a dedicated department for welding.


The electrical and pneumatic systems of the machines are sized and developed internally by the dedicated department.

The team develops the electrical panel and the passage of the cables for each single machine, sizing the systems in an appropriate manner and assisting the customer during the installation and testing phase.

The electrical systems of the Cabe machines are developed internally.