Case Study: Keyseating machine with automatic clamping system

Project Description


The Italian customer was looking for a keyseating machine capable of processing large pieces in small series. The machine had to interface with a robot to automatically load the pieces. The customer needed to find a machine that was simple, precise and very performing from a technological point of view, as well as being cheaper than a broaching machine.


Cabe has specifically designed and manufactured an automatic piece clamping system to be installed on the SC32-450 keyseating machine. In collaboration with Fanuc our software department has developed the control of the machine and the system for fixing and releasing the piece automatically. The machine is perfect for workstations that require the use of a robot.


The SC32-450 machine, with automatic fixing of the piece, has been placed in the customer’s automated production space. The customer is now able to make keys in a simple and fast way with a high quality.