The keyseating machine Cabe is ideal for particularly long and large keyways guaranteeing high precision, accuracy and repeatability.

The keyseating machines are projected with EKM Engineering, the german division of Cabe.

The collaboration between EKM’s tecnical personel and Cabe’s production unit guarantees contemporary design, innovative technological contents and high quality machines.

Every project and every new design are a combination of innovation and years of experience. To obtain the best quality and continually improve the performances of

Keyseating Machine for long and larghe keyways.

the machines, EKM’s engineers are contantly searching for new materials and technologies. With the desire to grow, to learn and to exceed it’s own limits, EKM’s specialists study every project thoroughly and are always ready to find new and personalized solutions.


The keyseating machines are projected by EKM Engineering, the technical division of Cabe in Germany. The team EKM is composed of german engineers with pluriannual experience in the construction of machine tools, EKM projects keyseating and broaching machines for the group.


The keyseating machine is available in two differnt models – SC32-450 and SC50-550 – based on the maximum length and width of the piece to cut.


Keyseating machine with Fanuc Control


The machine is equipped with a new control panel developed in collaboration with Fanuc. The 0i-MD series 10.4’’ touch screen panel guarantees versatility and accuracy, and with its user friendly operating logic.

Keyseating machine with automatic workpiece recognition.


Included in the software of the machine the automatic workpiece recognition. The innovative function facilitates the work of the operator allowing to change the piece quickly and to easily set up the machine.

Keyseating Machine Cabe


The compact structure guarantees a fundamental cutting stability when it is necessary to make particularly long and wide keys. The base is made up of heavy shoulders suitably stiffened.