The customer, an Italian company specialized in the production of mechanical parts, was looking for a broaching machine capable of working pieces with external diameters of various sizes.


The Cabe team has developed ad hoc a table-up broaching machine with one working station, model 16/1600/600 (16 tons of cutting force, 1600mm of broach length and 600mm of table size) equipped with a particular table, suitable for hosting pieces of different sizes but with the same diameter of the internal hole. The table-up technology allows the machine to be placed on the floor without the need to create an expensive and binding hole for the factory.


The machine is able to work the required pieces efficiently and with great precision, guaranteeing rapid production times and exceptional quality. The Fanuc control allows you to easily program and monitor any type of mechanical or electrical problem with specific warnings. Furthermore a monitoring of the absorptions allows to check possible working stress due to the worn out or not very sharp broach, and therefore warns the operator in time to sharpen or change the tool.

  • Controllo Fanuc Brocciatrice
  • Table-Up broaching machine realized ad hoc for Italy
  • Macchina Brocciatrice Table-up Manaca