Cabe closely monitors every project and every client from the planning stage to maintenance.

We provide personalized support that begins during the development and construction phase of the machine, with punctual on-line checks, and that continues over time, ensuring quality assistance even during the post-sale stage.

Thanks to the technical design office we can guarantee support that is personalized and characterized by a high level of technical proficiency in all phases of design and construction.

For special requests our team of engineers is always available to find the right solution to your needs, to design and build customized products.

Cabe pays high attention to the customer's needs
Cabe Stozzatrice technical office.


The technical team is ready to satisfy requests from clients from all over the world.

Cabe Stozzatrice technical office.


Cabe monitors every project, also on site, after the realization and application.

Cabe Stozzatrici has an important team of engineers.


Cabe’s team of industrial designers continually search for innovative materials and solutions.